general terms

> items can be ordered in any quantity
> linen is available 5 days a week in the off season and 7 days a week in the busy season
> order by 10am daily for pick-up/delivery within 36 hours
pick up & return of used linen is from tahi road, please place the used linen in the cages in our linen shed
> large linen orders are picked up/delivered free of charge
> any reject linen items need to be separated out and returned to the office for replacement
linen must not be washed by you at your premises

 payment terms

> at waiheke linen, we send most of our invoices to local company te huruhi finance, for payment of invoices
te huruhi finance will accept payment of invoices, with no added interest, up until the last day of the month following the issue of your invoice.
> after that date, interest is payable at 24% per annum/2% per month
> if payment is not received by te huruhi finance, on our behalf, and the invoice is returned to us for  non-payment, we will re-issue the invoice directly to you, including any accrued interest, and apply an administration fee
> if waiheke linen issues the invoice directly to you for payment, the same interest terms and rates apply